We Need a Project Tool!!

Team TutorPro is moving project tools. The first thing to make clear is this won’t affect any of our Client Family Members! Whilst we support our clients’ project planning, we don’t have any direct interaction between our project tool and theirs. We’ve used the same project tool for several years and it has become apparent that we need something rather different. Here are a few of the must-haves:

  1. Ease of use – like all of you we can get really quite busy and so we want something intuitive and simple to use for all levels of our team.

  1. Different views for different team members – we’re a team made up of individuals here at TutorPro, some of our team members like a diary, others like a Gantt chart!
  1. Flexible User Profiles – we’re not the most hierarchical bunch at TutorPro and so we’d like to be able for different people to be administrating different projects!
  1. A simple communication function – when it’s project specific comments we think we’d find it handy to have that in the tool too.
  1. We want to love it! This is a big ask, but having used the same tool for a while we don’t know what we’re missing – what do you love about your project tool!

We’re looking at a variety of tools at the moment, and we’re having fun assessing them. The thing we don’t have is REAL experience of each one. If you have a tool that you love – we’d love to hear which one it is, and why you love it! If you’ve used one that you don’t love that might be just as great for us to know. If you do have any advice we’d love you to email solutions@tutorpro.com with the subject “Your New Project Tool”. Thanks for reading!