ILTACON 2017 – A Peer Powered Week!

This week at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been returning to normality after a week in Las Vegas at ILTACON 2017. As a vendor in the legal IT space this is one of our biggest annual events, preparation for it taking up much of the weeks immediately pre-convention, and then there’s the week itself! We have, for many years, enjoyed a great relationship with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and love this unique peer-powered community! Our team was kept so busy this year, here are a couple of the highlights:

Firmer Relationships!


Each morning in the Exhibit Hall there’s a strange time when each vendor is setting up their booth and grabbing coffee, no members are yet allowed in – the hall is a gentler, calmer place than later in the day when things can get a little frenzied. During this member-less time vendors often take the time to visit other booths and chat to friends (this may come as a shock, most of us know and rather like each other, in fact our Head of Support in North America, Dalene Leach, knows everyone!). One of the most common questions between vendors is, “so how’s ILTA for you this year?” At so many conventions and trade shows this is solely equivalent to asking “are you winning much business?” One of the aspects of ILTACON that is so important to Team TutorPro is actually meeting up with existing members of our Client Family. When we’re saying “it’s a great year”, this is often what we mean. This year was particularly busy for meeting with many of the new Client Family Members who have joined us over the last year. Whilst we’re a software company with some cutting-edge tools who can achieve most of what we need to do via webex with some remote access, we firmly believe that nothing can replace the experience of breaking bread, or sharing a drink, with another person. The reality is that we can only keep our business on the straight and narrow if we have open communication with our Client Family Members, ILTACON is vital in facilitating this!

Athena – A Peer Powered Tool…

ILTA, and ILTACON, are proudly Peer Powered. As vendors, we take this very much to heart. This fits closely with our promise that the development of TutorPro solutions will always be client-driven. As ILTACON approached this year we began development on a tool we’d been conceptualizing for some time – a true electronic performance support system called TutorPro Athena. We decided that the best way we could make sure that the rest of the development of Athena goes in a direction that will truly serve the needs of the community, was to bring it to ILTACON and ask members to tell us how they could see it used. Our new CEO Claire Loram was demonstrating the tool (it’s that new in development that no one else outside the Developers’ Cave has a copy!) and the positive feedback never stopped. We also have a group of firms that volunteered to beta-test this new solution with us. Thank you to everyone who is helping us provide innovation in information delivery!

Back to Reality!

As we return from ILTACON this year, we’ve begun to get back into ‘normal life’. ILTACON is such a busy week is takes at least a week just to reset and catch up on regular work! We have some new friends to catch up with, which is also an important aspect of the week to us. In fact, we’re onboarding one new Client Family Member who actually signed during the convention after a period of evaluation and due diligence lasting several months! Most of all to the Client Family Members we saw, especially those we met for the first time; to the future Client Family Members we also met; to our Partners; and to our friends in the vendor community, we can’t wait to see you in National Harbor next year at ILTACON 2018!