Three New Live Content Studio Features!

This week we released three great enhancements to our eLearning and assessment creation tool Live Content Studio! If you’re not yet a member of the TutorPro Client Family you might be wondering what’s different about this instructional design tool. eLearning and assessments created in the tool aren’t delivered in a simulated environment in-browser, instead they’re delivered over the live application! This week we added Results Charts, Associated Learning Links, and Section Scoring for the Learner:

Results Charts – Analytics:

In Live Content Studio we can give you amazingly detailed and granular results, our click-by click results will tell you everything a candidate clicked and typed in a workflow assessment!


However, we understand that when you’re running an assessment program, the big picture is just as important as the detail. That’s why we’ve released several charts to help you easily analyze the results, understand the big picture, and then isolate any particular groups you need to take a closer look at:


Associated Learning Links:

When you’re assessing a group of coworkers and someone falls short of the expected standard we know you want to help them close their knowledge gap and retake the assessment as soon as possible! That’s how you get people to see assessments as a positive exercise. Until now, you’ve had to email them about the learning they’ll need to complete, to understand how to be successful at the tasks they didn’t succeed in first time around. Now you can match deep-linked learning to every task in a Live Content assessment and then, if you deliver those results automatically to a learner at the end of an assessment, they instantly get a link to the learning they need to improve their score. This will make your assessment program even more engaging and empowering!


Section Scoring for the Learner:

As current TutorPro Client Family Members will know click-by-click results are not just for the administrator of your assessment program – you can deliver them straight to the candidate at the end of every assessment automatically! However, sometimes, you might want only to deliver top level section scores to each learner, rather than every click and keystroke. That is the third great feature we released this week:


Empowering and Engaging Candidates!

If you want to make your workflow assessment program more empowering and engaging, if you want to give candidates the opportunity to close their knowledge gaps quickly, if you need great analytics for the high-level view of candidate performance then just email and someone will be right with you!