TutorPro LMS V3 – Administrator Features!

We’re back in the Developers’ Cave this week in the LMS Lounge. As you are all aware this is a really exciting time for our LMS team as they work towards our June 2018 launch of TutorPro LMS V3! We announced TutorPro LMS V3 in our Quarter One Newsletter and promised that we’d communicate regularly about it so here we are. In the Newsletter we started with two end-user focused images, the Home Dashboard, and the Library. Today we have a couple of changes for our administrators. As administrators often spend more time than anyone else in the LMS we want to make sure you all enjoy V3 as much as end-users do!

Adding Courses and Certificates:

At present in TutorPro LMS Courses and Certificates are added by using a popup which doesn’t take advantage of the total page width. In TutorPro LMS V3 we’re giving our favorite people a full page add/edit space!





Defaults and Configuration:

Another way we’re making administration simpler in TutorPro LMS V3 is that we’re taking away what we currently refer to as the ‘Control Panel’ and adding the settings to the area of the LMS that they are relevant. In the below example you can see where our team has added some configuration settings relevant to  Events and the Calendar, to the Calendar page. Simple changes like this will make administering the LMS much quicker!



If you have any questions about these features, about LMS V3, or any of our other products please contact us on solutions@tutorpro.com