All About Value

Over the last couple of weeks at Team TutorPro HQ we’ve been thinking about value. In fact we’re always thinking about value, but a recent trip to the American Bar Association (ABA) Techshow in Chicago by one of our US team made us consider the idea of value in a specific context. There are several companies in the legal sector taking a really different approach to how to increase value and reduce inefficiency in the provision of legal services. At the ABA Techshow there was a “Startup Alley” in the exhibit hall, as well as a startup pitch competition on the first night of the show. These two things combined to give attendees fantastic insight into the minds at the helm of these forward-thinking tech firms!

TutorPro attended the ABA Techshow in support of our partner, the National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT). The NSLT has just launched its Small Firm and Solo Attorney training portal, powered by TutorPro solutions including our LMS and courseware. We’re thrilled to be part of a project to deliver the kind of learning resource only usually available to larger firms, to firms of under 50 employees! Access to these kinds of materials will mean that the small firm and solo can now ensure that they have access to material that will enable them to quickly build skills, keep efficient, and create more value for themselves and their clients. To learn more about the NSLT, and their programs just go visit their website!

One of our favorite startups present at Techshow was Digitory Legal. Digitory Legal is a budgeting tool. “Wait,” I hear you cry, “It’s not an AI bot for the replacement of all lawyers, worldwide, in the next 5 minutes?”. No, in fact, it’s way cooler than that! Digitory Legal allows law firms, and in-house legal teams, to budget what a case or engagement should be charged at, or should cost. The law firm can use Digitory Legal to make sure they’re profiting from a relationship at the same time as providing a cost-effective and competitive solution for the client. The in-house legal team can use Digitory Legal to make sure that costs are being controlled in the relationship, and value for money delivered, as you would with any member of your supply chain. Another favorite startup at the ABA Techshow was Simply Agree. Simply Agree is, if you’ll pardon the pun, beautifully simple. It’s a software that allows you to collect signatures during the closing process as documents are finished, keeping them in escrow until everything is complete, creating perfect instant binders. This efficiency-driving tool also creates value for attorney and client in a really neat way.

So why is it that these were our two favorite startups at the ABA Techshow? We love them because they aren’t looking to rip ‘up the rulebook’ or ‘change the face of the legal profession overnight’, but simply to create measurable efficiency. At TutorPro, all of our solutions are focused on increasing efficiency in law through the effective use of technology, and the measurement of team performance, thereby increasing productivity, profitability, and value for all involved. We love meeting others who share in that mission!