TutorPro Goes Beyond just Adding Audio

For the past year or so we have released TutorPro eLearning without audio. As many of our Client Family Members know, this was during a review of all products undertaken by our new CEO, Claire Revell.  You may remember that last year Team TutorPro was lucky to have gained an awesome new Head of Courseware, Christel Burris. Christel has worked with her team to develop a totally new eLearning strategy for TutorPro.


There’s no other way to put this, but eLearning audio is a strangely controversial subject. There are huge amounts of research out there to help organizations choose the right voiceover artist, or software. They are in no way agreed on gender, tone, or pitch! After a long time of listening to multiple voices and balancing the positives and negatives of all the options, we hope you all like the result!

Job Aids and Instructor-Led Training Handouts (ILTs)

An element of the courseware package we felt was missing, were job aids/reference guides for learners, and Instructor Led Handouts for Trainers to use in class.

All new content developed in 2019, and beyond, will include audio, job aids/reference guides and ILTs. Christel and the team have gone back through the Office 2016 course and added audio and the new handouts for all of the Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote modules. If you’re an existing Client Family Member, you can receive all of these updates at no additional charge!

ADA/508 Compliance:

Some of the delay in updating the library has been down to another criterion in our approach to developing eLearning. In the last year we have had a small number of requests for American Disability Act (ADA)/508 compliant eLearning. In many Client Family Member firms, ADA/508 Compliance is handled outside the eLearning, often through instructor-led support. This fed into our strategic thinking and we decided that as an organization we wanted to go beyond simply serving the market’s current demand.

Team TutorPro is a diverse group of people in many different senses – we do everything we can to ensure the individual needs of all team-members are met, whatever they might be. We have decided, as an organization, that we believe in the spirit of the ADA. Whilst we understand that many firms handle accessibility outside the eLearning, we want as many people as possible to have direct access to TutorPro learning, through audio, closed captioning, document-based job aids and other features that make up ADA/508 compliance. This change to our eLearning will take place over a period of months, we hope you enjoy the changes, and as ever, would love to hear your feedback.

TutorPro also has special nonprofit pricing. If you know of an organization which could benefit from TutorPro learning, we’re always looking for ways to support the community!