This Quarter We Welcome to the Client Family…

This week’s blog comes from TutorPro HQ as we welcome, and hear from, some of the new Client Family Members from this past quarter. Team TutorPro are proud that these firms selected the TutorPro solutions, and we look forward to building some long-lasting relationships and providing them the valued solutions they need to grow their businesses.

Gordon Feinblatt LLC

Gordon Feinblatt LLC (GF) chose the TutorPro LMS to help meet their various business needs, as well as including the TutorPro Courseware Library, our unique Content Creation Tool, Live Content Studio, and off-the-shelf Office Assessments. The GF team is excited to get started with their kick off call this week.

     “We looked at a few LMS products and were very impressed with TutorPro. While courseware is an important factor, it is just as important that users find the LMS program easy to use and beneficial for their learning and development needs. TutorPro LMS meets our current and future goals. We are particularly excited about using their wonderful Live Content Studio tool.”

Delores R. Elias, Learning & Development Administrator.

Gordon Feinblatt is a collection of legal boutiques working together to provide a legal advantage to their clients. With 60 lawyers and more than 20 paralegals, their size assures depth and proficiency in providing legal counsel without sacrificing personalized attention. Many of their attorneys are among Maryland’s leading practitioners, who work diligently to earn and retain the trust and confidence of their clients. They are committed to advancing and protecting the interests of the business and professional community, delivering their services effectively and efficiently, promoting the advancement of diversity, and garnering continued trust and confidence of clients.  They are also committed to ongoing training, learning and development in all of their lawyers and staff.

Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani

We are extremely happy to welcome back a former client, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani (GRSM), who have selected the TutorPro LMS and Live Content Studio.

     “I remember telling you that there was always a possibility we would work together again. I just want to thank you guys for pulling this system together, it really represents the world of “learning” we live in. Thank you for being professionals and making it easy for us to come back. You guys are great, and I can’t wait to share this new system with my GRSM customers. “

Daniel Brown, Director – Information Technology Support Services.

GRSM are a firm dedicated to providing outstanding client service, and based upon an internal culture of hard work, responsiveness, and camaraderie. In 2019, Gordon & Rees became the first and only law firm in the nation’s history to open offices in all 50 states, and now stands as the 35th largest in the United States comprising more than 900 lawyers and over 50 different practice and industry groups in more than 65 national offices located throughout the country.  

Goulston & Storrs

Goulston & Storrs selected the entire TutorPro technology ecosystem! The TutorPro LMS, Courseware Library, Live Content Studio and our new Electronic Performance Support System, Athena. Training and initial implementation is under way and we’re excited to help them move forward.

We counsel national and multinational public corporations, U.S. and non-U.S. privately-held corporations at all stages of development, including startups, emerging companies, entrepreneurs, closely held and family-owned businesses, financial institutions, private equity, venture capital & hedge funds, and corporate executives. Their clients are engaged in a wide spectrum of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, retail/consumer products and services, technology, Internet, financial services, real estate, capital formation, health care, medical technology, and not-for-profit and charitable efforts.

Procopio Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

Procopio chose the TutorPro LMS to help meet their various business needs, as well as including the TutorPro Courseware Library, our unique Content Creation Tool, Live Content Studio, and off-the-shelf Office Assessments. The Procopio team have finished up their LMS training and are currently piloting the LMS to the firm.

Procopio is a full-service business and litigation law firm committed to thoughtful problem solving and improving their bottom line. An AmLaw 200 firm with more than 170 attorneys based in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Phoenix serving clients around the world–as well as an AmLaw Top Ten firm for attorney diversity–they’re passionate about knowing their client’s businesses and helping them grow for the long term. Their global reach across Europe, Asia and Latin America further expands international partnerships and cross border capabilities.

Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C.

Just last week, Sandberg Phoenix chose the full TutorPro Courseware eLearning Library to add to their existing LMS, along with our unique content creation tool, Live Content Studio. We look forward to getting Sandberg on-board and utilizing our valued solutions!!

     “I am so excited to be moving forward and I am looking forward to meeting our Client Success Manager.  Again, I thank you for all of your patience and assistance through this process. You are a gem!” 

Tracy McMurtry-Adams, Training & Knowledge Development Manager.

As one of the Midwest’s top firms, Sandberg Phoenix has over 40 years’ experience and continues to grow in the areas of business, business litigation, health law and products liability to deliver exceptional service to their clients. They were named as finalists in the St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Awards for two consecutive years. Sandberg was the only law firm chosen as a finalist in the Big organization size category which included organizations of 250 to 999 employees.