Julian Tucker appointed CTO of TutorPro

This week’s blog comes from TutorPro HQ as we announce that our CEO, Claire Revell, has appointed Julian Tucker as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Claire shared:

      “TutorPro is going through an exciting period of growth and change. As we explore new sectors and build on new partnerships, I wanted to hire a CTO to work closely alongside me to help define a clear vison and strategy and find ways for our solutions to excel. It’s important that businesses look at their existing team when opening new roles, and Julian is perfect for the position.  Julian has always been an outstanding developer. He’s well-versed in current technological trends, he brings new ideas, creative approaches and constantly thinks of ways to better our solutions. He’s strategic and has a strong business acumen. All of which are essential in this role. Julian is one of a kind, I value his ideas and I have the upmost respect for him. I’m excited to see what the future holds with Julian by my side.”

Let’s peek into a day in the life of our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Julian Tucker, and hear what he has to say!

Julian has been with Team TutorPro for three years and brings along 20 years of related experience. Coding standards and process foundations were derived early on in his career providing him a natural transition into his initial role at TutorPro as a Senior Software Developer. He was promoted to CTO effective September 1, 2019 and although he will still be dabbling in software development, the entire TutorPro Development team will be directly reporting to him.

Prior to coming onboard with us, Julian’s last job was developing Jersey’s (three island territories off the coast of Great Britain) Online Tax System in the U.K. Before that, he developed software in the Military Defense industry for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

Julian is originally from Somerset, South West England, and enjoys spending time outdoors in the morning walking his dog. Most days are kicked off with a cup of joe while he does his food prep for the day. Julian is the epitome of healthy eating and he is all about vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, berries and vitamins! On a recent trip in May 2019 for the ATD conference in DC, we did get him to “cheat” a little with some French fries lol, but otherwise he’s all about maintaining his healthy lifestyle. In addition to other hobbies, Julian loves to run, do high intensity interval training and is working on completing his level 3 certificate in Krav Maga, a military self-defense and fighting system.

Cup of coffee #2 at the office accompanies him while he reviews & prioritizes his to-do list and checks the usual suspects; Outlook email, Microsoft Teams messages and Salesforce to ensure that there are no critical issues that have come in overnight. The time difference between the U.K. and U.S. business offices keep him, and our Client Success team, on their toes to make sure everything is being addressed in a timely manner.

Julian’s primary responsibilities are Live Content Studio (LCS) and Athena. He also oversees other internal products like Content Manager and is beginning to become involved in areas tied to the LMS as well.  Installed applications are his area of expertise!! Julian is truly considered to be our “Wizard” here at TutorPro. As he heads into Q4 of 2019, his business goals are to get Athena to the next level and starting to look at the redesign of LMS’ architecture at a high level.

When not at work Julian enjoys spending time with his family. When asked about his biggest personal achievement he stated, “Being able to provide my son the ability to live independently in his own flat.

Josef is Julian’s 27-year-old son and he has severe cerebral palsy which affects all his voluntary muscles. He is unable to speak and is wheel chair bound but has complete cognitive functionality. As a single father, Julian raised Josef from the time he was a baby. The driving force behind Julian’s interest in gaining knowledge about computers and software over 20 years ago was to ensure that Josef could be engaged in society like everyone else and to also provide him as much independence as possible. Although, he does have 24/7 in home assistance, Josef is able to function autonomously.

He has a computer that has been perfected over the years. His wheelchair has a button attached to it behind his head that he can gently tap to activate his computer. He then can use predictive text, make phone calls, use Skype & other apps, as well as browse the Internet. During his time attending school in the U.K., Josef obtained a qualification in Science which is the equivalent of a U.S. diploma.  Julian refers to Josef as a “Handsome Young Stephen Hawking!” 

In addition, to Josef, Julian has three other children Aisha, who is a midwife. Olivia, who is in college getting her Master’s degree in Children’s book publishing and Nell, who is also in college and majoring in Complimentary Therapies. Rounding out Julian’s family are his wife, Lisa and his darling two-year-old grandson, Juno. Julian enjoys reading science fiction books and plays several different instruments including percussion, guitar, and the ukulele. In fact, he had the opportunity to perform in front of 800 people onstage with Josef who used his computer to sing along!

Julian cites his biggest professional accomplishment as developing TutorPro Athena. He is especially proud of the solution’s overall look and feel and how it performs operationally.

When posed with the question:  What do you like the most about working here?

Julian shared:

      “I am always excited to get to work each day knowing that the software concepts that I will be tackling are diverse and interesting. They will help people to learn in a way they might not have thought possible. I genuinely appreciate the variety of technologies and software that I’m exposed to and grateful that Claire, our CEO, is technical and open to exploring different software options! I love the flexible work hours, the ability to enjoy a great work/life balance and the ability to work remote if necessary.”

One key item on the bucket list for our terrific new CTO… he wants to make sure that he and his family are happy and have a good quality of life. “I guess the only thing on my bucket list is to live to the age of 100! I basically want to live as long as I can to make sure Josef is getting the care he needs.”

What an amazing guy Julian is! We are privileged to have him as part of our team and now our CTO!