Learn about our FREE vendor agnostic LMS Toolkit!

This week’s blog comes from TPHQ as our Business Development Manager, Nikki Pope, shares details about our LMS Toolkit, for those of you that aren’t aware it exists!

The LMS Toolkit is an AWESOME resource and it’s FREE!!  Taking your training off paper and online is a complex process. That’s before you start to look at doing the due diligence on 750+ LMS’s out there! TutorPro realized that there is a lack of effective guidance for companies going through this process, so we partnered with Michelle Spencer of LLDevNet, to create a vendor agnostic Toolkit to assist.

The LMS Toolkit provides a plethora of handouts to help you make the right decisions, whether you already have a LMS in place, or if your organization is considering one of the many solutions on the market. The Toolkit is here to help!

Broken out into five phases it guides you through:

  1. Analysis & Alignment
  2. Selection & Purchasing
  3. Planning & Implementation
  4. Extending the Reach
  5. Overall Maintenance

Tackling and developing a learning strategy based on organizational needs can be difficult enough on its own. Not having a plan as to how training will be conducted can make it even harder. It is important to pick the best LMS for your organization and our Toolkit can assist in every way. It even includes a sample RFP, best practices materials and comparison tools!

Don’t waste time searching haphazardly for your next dedicated Learning and Development solution. Take advantage of our free Toolkit and sign up today!