NEWSFLASH!! Exciting Enhancements for Athena, including an Office Add-In!

This week’s blog comes from the Developers Cave, as our newly appointed CTO Julian Tucker, shares terrific news about Athena, our Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)!

What Do the New Enhancements Offer?

Important Content

Imagine you have mandatory Security Awareness training that you need all employees to complete. How do you manage that now? Do you email them a link, followed by numerous reminder emails?

Our newest enhancement is to allow important content to be delivered to the end-user instantly. Rely on Athena to present users with Important Messages and Content when they are working at their desk, so no email is missed or put off until later! Important content will continue to pop up until they complete it!

Office Add-In

Modern learners expect information to be available at their fingertips, and that includes in the workplace. Currently your end-users can search for resources through the Athena client, however in the upcoming release, they’ll be able to do so via the Office Add-in.

Now’s the time to embrace Just-In-Time training, change the way you manage information delivery and identify efficiencies.  Consolidate all your resources, streamline the onboarding process and deliver the right resources at the right time.

Tell Me More About Athena!

TutorPro Athena is a powerful Just-in-time training and support system. It’s designed to deliver learning, Knowledge Management curated information, and any other information that can be referenced in a URL, to the learner exactly when they need it. Users can get on demand access to the training and support they need, in the moment of need, without disrupting workflow. Throughout any software application on the PC, whether that’s in Office or a custom application in your organization, or even just navigating around the desktop.

Athena can be targeted to team-members by experience level, and job role, so that you’re easily and simply delivering only the most relevant information for the end-user to do their job more effectively and efficiently!

Until now, all your different types of resources have resided in different places in your network and you have had to find multiple routes to deliver them to the end-user, or multiple routes for the end-user to go find them. Now your team can deliver all these resources exactly when you want the end user to receive them in workflow, intelligently filtered by any parameter in your AD or HR system. Whether it’s a link to a document, video, LMS module or a resource on SharePoint. It empowers users and provides instant access to needed and valuable tools. Please take a moment to view a brief video on how Athena works!

If you’re interested in how this remarkable tool could change the way you manage information delivery and find efficiencies, please reach out to us at Our team would be happy to schedule a more in-depth demo!