Are You Still Using Internet Explorer 11 as Your Default Browser?

This week’s blog comes from our Developer’s Cave, following on from extensive internal discussions about Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11)!

The main issue we are seeing with Internet Explorer 11 is that while Microsoft is fixing critical issues, and putting security patches in place, they are not offering updates and none of the latest Web technologies or features are being added. All of this impacts TutorPro’s ability to deliver critical solutions tied to our products. Here’s a link to the Microsoft site for more details.

As we shared in our most recent Client Family Webinar, this issue will be impacting other vendors too, for example Articulate and Captivate’s content and how they run while in IE 11.

During our recent webinar we conducted a poll to get an idea of how many of our clients are using this particular browser. We are pleased that the majority of them have already transitioned to Edge or Chrome as their default browser, or are soon going to.

In the spirit of our business partnership, TutorPro always takes our clients best interest into consideration. That being said, Julian Tucker, CTO, advised that it may be helpful for our clients, and also other businesses, that are using IE 11, to consider talking to their internal I.T. departments about possibly moving to Edge or Chrome as their primary default browser.

Please feel free to reach out to our Client Success Team if there are any questions or if any additional information is needed.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving holiday!