What Are Our Clients Saying About ATLAS??

This week’s blog comes from Team TutorPro Client Success as we share feedback from our clients that have participated in the ATLAS beta test over the past few weeks.

We are happy to share that ATLAS, our new cloud-based content creation tool, has been very well received by our Client Family! With ATLAS, you can quickly create training and support modules for any software application or website, anytime and anywhere. It is a game-changer for the L&D industry providing a clean interface that is user-friendly, less complicated, and more intuitive than the previous content creation tool, Live Content Studio.

Our client beta group reported that they love the user interface and the entire user experience. It makes delivering learning in the flow of work a breeze, and training no longer needs to be viewed as an interruption!

“ATLAS would be used by about half of our 1200 total users. We would use it to create content that could float across various applications. Being able to quickly capture controls, replicate an experience or a workflow, and create a quick course is going to be helpful. Also, reducing the amount of development time is a plus! Among the features I like are the capture feature as well as the “hover” feature. ATLAS Assessments will help users feel that they aren’t being penalized for doing things in a method they are familiar while exposing them to the most efficient way of doing things. Also, I like that it is a web application and there will be less of a need for IT to be involved.”
Cory Christmas
Training Manager - Baker Donelson
“ATLAS would work well for our firm due to its easy interface and ability to work with Citrix. Since its web-based there would be no need to bring IT in to help. ATLAS is a 300% improvement on Live Content Studio since it doesn’t matter what environment it is in. We have other software in house that we need to build instruction for, which are complex, and ATLAS will help users to walkthrough and initialize processes. TutorPro has built a better “machine” for content creation overall. Procopio has 400 employees in total and at least 50% will get to benefit from it the most.”
Melodie Ford
Technology Innovation Manager - Procopio
“Some of the features I like about ATLAS are the templates, fonts, and how you can setup defaults. Some of the challenges that it will help with include creating content for company specific software, as well as content targeted for our attorneys. Our firm has a total of 450 people on staff. It will be helpful to share with attorneys and show how it could help them as well as their legal secretaries and other associates. In addition, it will help to get non-legal, inexperienced associates up to speed with Learning Paths in the TutorPro Learning Management System (LMS). I love that it is in a web-browser, so easy to use, navigate and very clear and concise. TutorPro does a great job of creating video content for clients to make our tools easy to use. In addition, you have a terrific support team!”
Lacy Wineberger
Technical Trainer - Holland and Hart

We are currently providing free access to trial ATLAS. If you’re interested in being one of the first, and you would like to benefit from 30 days free usage, please sign up via this this link. After the 30-day free access, there is no obligation to continue, but if you chose to, you will receive a 20% discount code!

Do you have questions about whether ATLAS is a good fit for your organization? Feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to learn how we can help.