As an LTC4 Vendor Member, and training and assessment provider, we are committed to helping LTC4 establish a legal industry standard for technology competence. As members of LTC4, we have access to the Core Competencies and are uniquely positioned to assist clients with achieving LTC4 Certification. 

Whether you’re an LTC4 Member or not, we’re happy to answer any of your questions! If you’re not sure if LTC4 is right for your firm, please visit our Custom Assessments page to learn more.

Let Us Help You Get Certified

Once the firm has paid their membership fee to LTC4, the business will gain access to the chosen Core Competencies. These matrices are in the format of an Excel spreadsheet, which lists the tasks the support staff and/or attorneys need to complete to achieve the LTC4 certification.

If the business does not have the resources to manage the training and assessments inhouse, TutorPro as a vendor member, has three options to help you along the journey!

Option One

TutorPro can develop the assessments from start to finish.

Option Two

With a subscription to our content creation tool, Live Content Studio, we can provide you with the source files to get you started. The tasks and workflows will be written out for you, and with a few steps to finish them up, you’ll be ready to go!

Option Three

With a subscription to our content creation tool Live Content Studio, but without the source files, you can create them from scratch using our easy tool! 

Our team is able to work with you and make this a seamless process. This is always done in the knowledge that any customization must be acceptable to LTC4.