What is Athena?

Athena is a one-of-a-kind virtual assistant. Your employees can rely on Athena to deliver the relevant training resources whilst they work. Think of it as the Siri™️ of the workplace!

How does it work?

The training team chooses which resources to import from the organization’s network, SharePoint and/or the LMS and specifies the relevant materials for each employee or group.

What’s the Impact?

With on-demand access to your organization’s content and resources, staff productivity goes through the roof and user adoption increases dramatically!

What To expect


Athena gives your employees everything they need at their fingertips, meaning your help desk receives fewer inquiries. Watch productivity soar!

Our simple process for allowing Athena to access content across the organization means that you can make all your resources available in one location in just a few simple steps!

Athena reports on employee usage of Athena and various other applications, providing administrators with detailed reports on which applications are being used the most and how much time is spent on them.


Athena provides one centralized platform for employees to access resources that are spread across your organization. Give your employees the access they need at the moment of need. 

Athena can be used as a powerful search directory for so much more than just relevant content and training. Athena allows your employees to find settings, relevant PDFs, policy documents, email addresses and websites – to name but a few!

Employees will have quick access to organization-wide content while they work, in real-time. Athena pops up simultaneously at the bottom of the screen while working alongside other applications.

“We recently had new software rolled out to the team and adoption was poor. Using TutorPro’s Athena solution has enabled the team to self-help and becomes more efficient. One click access to all the information you need. Customizable to your business needs. Ensures you can work faster and smarter. A fantastic return on investment!”
Kyle Brooke, Account Manager
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Setting Up is Simple!

Athena Timeline


Minimum of 100 users | Volume discounting available above 450 users

TutorPro’s pricing plan is all inclusive, no hidden extras! Quarterly or annual invoicing available. Credit cards also accepted.

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