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As described by our clients, the TutorPro LMS is an “Indispensable tool for managing Learning & Development, with usage extending far beyond just the L&D department.”

Digitize Your Learning

Once you’re set up, your organization will have a reliable platform for training every member of staff in a modern learning environment, smoothly and efficiently.

Track Progress

The detailed analytics provide administrators with insights on everything from the development of individual employees to entire departments. 

What To expect


Our tried and tested implementation procedures, along with our renowned Customer Support team, makes the onboarding process stress-free. Our software runs seamlessly alongside other software that you may already be using.

Tailoring the LMS to your organization can easily be done through branding. Go beyond just specifying your company’s colors, and effortlessly customize the Home Dashboard layout to ensure it’s relevant for each staff member.  Modify the email templates and customize the communication banner, to make the LMS yours!

With bulk-add and bulk-editing features, maintaining the library and employee enrolments can be completed in two simple clicks. 

Whether you’re creating a syllabus for onboarding, a rollout or career development, the Path functionality will be essential. Specify if courses must be completed in order, or if an additional Path is to be assigned. Complex journeys can be managed through Equivalences in just a few simple steps.

From Learning Path assignment, automated Survey feedback to scheduled reporting, the TutorPro LMS is there to save you time.

The core functionality of our calendar makes managing training across the organization simple and efficient. The ease of scheduling events and managing all relatable items is one of our client’s favorite areas! Schedule a one-off event or a series of events with the option of adding webinars.  Managing event attachments and registrations is made simple. Event rosters, waitlists, conflict checking, and Outlook invites are all automated.

Everything from the engagement and progress of employees to the performance of an entire department can be tracked. Regular analytical reports offer insights as well as highlights about how all staff members are performing.

Surveys can be created and automatically sent out to gather employee feedback, gain answers to important questions and engage staff. Survey results are organized for analysis and actioning staff requests are made efficient.

The TutorPro LMS provides multiple security roles, to manage other business teams who need access to the LMS but not full admin rights. This ensures that all learning is driving one objective, supporting your organization’s ambitious goals.


The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature means that no one will need to sign in time and time again when visiting various components of the LMS, while security is still maintained as they work.

Employees and Administrators both benefit from a simple, yet powerful, interface with straightforward learning paths and transparency to applications.

The Dashboard is engaging and provides learners with everything they need in one place. Links to relevant eLearning, assigned learning paths and reminders for key events to keep everyone on track!

Improving the overall productivity of your organization can be tricky. All content is quickly accessible and available from the library on any device. Organized with your defined categories and subcategories. Nothing will prohibit employee productivity.

Learner Links offer immediate, and seamless, access to online learning and event enrollment. No need to login, no need to search! Security is maintained and the feature empowers employees to share and collaborate while being provided with immediate access to learning.

Learners have immediate access to upcoming events and webinars on the Home Dashboard. Alternatively, they can browse and search the calendar to see the full schedule, enroll or add themselves to a waitlist.

Once a learner enrolls into an event, they’ll receive an invite straight into their calendar, with event attachments and related resources all included! As well as reminders, they’ll immediately receive an updated appointment, should any last-minute changes be made.

On completion of a course, event or learning path, learners can be issued with a certificate of completion. Rewarding staff for hard work and providing a standard to assess staff competence is a win-win.

Staff are given the opportunity to provide trainers with feedback on completion of any course or event. This provides administrators with valuable insights on how best to improve offerings and use the LMS more efficiently.

“TutorPro’s LMS is great with core functionality – don’t take that for granted! It's usage extends far beyond just the L&D department. The course library and calendaring features are used heavily by many of our departments. I have over 20 years experience in using and administering Learning Management Systems, and TutorPro is my all time favourite!”
Nick Stanzani - Director of Learning & Development
Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Setup is Simple!

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Minimum of 100 users | Volume discounting available above 450 users

TutorPro’s pricing plan is all inclusive, no hidden extras! Quarterly or annual invoicing available. Credit cards also accepted.

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