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The LMS Toolkit is an awesome resource and it’s FREE!!  Taking your training off paper and online is a complex process. That’s before you start to look at doing the due diligence on 750+ LMS out there! TutorPro realized that there is a lack of effective guidance for companies going through this process, so we partnered with Michelle Spencer of LLDevNet, to create a vendor agnostic LMS Toolkit to assist.

What’s Included in the LMS Toolkit?

The LMS Toolkit provides a plethora of handouts to help you make the right decisions. Whether you already have a LMS in place, or if your organization is considering one of the many solutions on the market. Broken out into five phases it guides you through:

  1. Analysis & Alignment
  2. Selection & Purchasing
  3. Planning & Implementation
  4. Extending the Reach
  5. Overall Maintenance

It is important to pick the best LMS for your organization and our Toolkit can assist in every way. It even includes a sample RFP, a feature checklist and best practices!

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