Solution Overview

Although the TutorPro solutions are all independent from one another, they can be used as a complete solution. See below for some of the common scenarios that we encounter and how your business can leverage our solutions to overcome your challenges.

Common Scenarios

No problem! We can provide you with SCORM or AICC packages for you to upload to your LMS. 

Excellent, we can help! Our market leading LMS will enable you to upload your eLearning either one module at a time, or via the bulk import feature.

We can definitely help! We can provide a hosted platform (a “light” version of the LMS) for a fraction of the cost. This will provide seamless access to a structured library, easy searching and all the reporting you need. This will meet your initial request and you have the option to add other features on later, without having to transition to a new platform.

Alternatively, Athena is a great virtual assistant which would enable you to deliver this training without an LMS.

No problem! We’d love for you to benefit from Live Content Studio. You can create all the training and assessment modules you need and pop them into your LMS as SCORM or AICC.

We will provide full training and an implementation plan and help you along your journey. This is our recommended best practice and what we’ve seen getting the best results, consistently.

Focus on the LMS in the first instance, and whilst you’re being trained by our team of experts, we will publish the eLearning courses you choose to the LMS for you. Once you’ve had training and time to test some of your ideas in the training platform we provide, we’ll support you in getting your live site set up and ready to go live!

Next up is training for Live Content Studio, enabling you to create some fantastic modules to add to the existing LMS library. Finishing up with Athena, you can deliver everything to your learners, making it available at their fingertips!

We Strive to Provide Our Client Family with the Best Learning Experiences

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