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What Are Our Clients Saying About ATLAS??

After 6 weeks of clients beta testing ATLAS, TutorPro's new game-changing content creation tool, we are excited to share the feedback from our clients!
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Empowering Learner Experiences Is Essential

Nikki Pope, Business Development Manager, attended a recent webinar, ‘6 Essentials of Empowered Learner Experiences’, and shares her key takeaways.
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Why Scheduled Reporting?

This week’s blog focuses on the subject of scheduled reporting, a much-loved feature for our clients! Is this a common need for your organization as well?
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Remote Working and Employee Engagement

Join us as we talk about all the ways we are maintaining engagement while we continue working from home.
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A Day In The Life…of our Head of Instructional Design

As we finish up the month of July, this week’s blog comes from TPHQ, as we provide another opportunity for you to get to know one of the members of Team TutorPro!
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5 Crucial Considerations when Reviewing an LMS for Event & Webinar Management

The Calendar is a key part of any LMS and if you are looking for a new platform it’s crucial to ensure it “works for you”. These are the top 5 areas we recommend you review during the due diligence process.
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4 Ways We Simplify Transitioning to a New LMS!

Transitioning to a new Learning Management System (LMS) can be daunting. Here are 4 ways we help simplify it and help ensure a successful implementation.
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Live Well, Work Well

Like so many of us, Lisa Tucker our CEO's PA, has personal experience of mental health issues and in this blog she shares the importance of outdoor living and smiling!
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