a cloud-based content Creation tool

The game-changer for learning & Development professionals!

Learning in the flow of work for any Industry

Quickly create, unlimited, relevant training and support modules for any software application or website. No longer does learning need to be seen as an interruption. 

create Content Collaboratively

Through the cloud-based platform you can create content anytime, anywhere.

Benefit from the ability to edit and update your team’s content files, or clone for your own use.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Training Costs

Over two-thirds of L&D teams spend more than 25% of their time redesigning and rethinking learning programs. Now you don’t need to!

Increase retention and better position employees in their roles. 

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What To expect


Quickly create content as technology advances. No screenshot captures are required, making content creation efficient and timeless. 

ATLAS simplifies the process of scripting your instructions, ultimately making it easier for you to produce content and lay it out clearly for users.

Time devoted to creating content can be dramatically reduced. In addition, expenses tied to administrative tasks will decrease as well.


Learners can depend on ATLAS to assist them as they work, empowering them to work smarter. This has been proven to increase engagement as high as 264% (for one client)!

Turning on balloon tips, which shows the learner exactly where to click in the live application, enhances the overall experience and reduces the room for error.

Completing short, targeted tasks in real-time means that the learner can gain knowledge of the task at hand while continuing to work. No need to step outside of the application, watch a video or learn with a simulation!

Create Unlimited Training and Assessments

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Quarterly or annual invoicing available. Credit cards also accepted.

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